Tackle Any Honey-Do List With Ease

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

One thing I love about being married is that there's someone else to help me clean. LOL! Just kidding. But really...it's so much easier to tackle a household cleaning list when there's someone to help you! When you put together a chore list for your partner, it's known as a "Honey Do List" and I'm totally on board with this. I love lists. Bryan on the other hand, he hates lists...Regardless of what the lists are called, he dreads them. Haha! But his mood totally changed when the new Hoover OnePwr System came into our lives. Tackling household chores and picking up after kids is so easy thanks to Hoover!

FYI: These thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I always test every product that I receive. That being said, you'll notice in my photos that all of my products are field-tested...aka I'm using them regularly now because I love them!

Tackle Honey-Do Lists With Ease

Whether it's leaf blowing the leaves in your yard or dusting the blinds, your honey-do list will be so much easier to tackle with Hoover's Cordless OnePwr System. They have a complete line of products to help you tackle everyday messes, and of course, yard work tasks. I am so glad Hoover reached out to me about their new OnePwr System. It's been a game-changer for our household.

A Cord-Free Life = A Happy Life

Honestly, I never knew how badly I needed a cordless cleaning system until I experienced it for myself. Truth be told, I'm never going back! How many other moms out there can relate to their toddler running after the cord or outlet of your vacuum? 🙋 Not to mention all of the unplugging and plugging you have to do in order to start cleaning in a new room or space. Worry no more! Because Hoover's Cordless OnePwr System has brought cleaning to the 21st century with cordless battery-powered appliances. Every ONEPWRbattery works with every ONEPWR™ cleaning product, it's awesome!!

Say Goodbye To Stressing Over Kid & Pet Messes

As a new mom, I've learned that messes get made sooo much faster and quicker with a toddler. Maxwell is so big now and that means he is getting into everything! I don't let myself get stressed over messy situations because luckily when Maxwell decides to throw his spaghetti all over the floor, the cleanup is easy! Thanks to the Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate JET. The same goes with messy pets and husbands. 😉

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Learn More About The HOOVER® ONEPWR™ System and Their Entire Family of Products, Here.

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