Inspirational Phone Backgrounds

Happy New Year!!

Can you believe that 2019 is officially here?! That means it's time for new phone backgrounds to get you motivated and pumped for the new year. I'm not sure if I will still be creating my vision board let me know if this is still something you want! I know they did really well last year. Here's last year's post.

For 2019, I decided to create 10 fun backgrounds that would send out positive vibes each and every time you look at your phone...which (let's be honest) is a lot!

As always, I love seeing screenshots of my backgrounds on your phones and hearing which backgrounds are your favorite. Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram @IamCassandraAnn or tag me in your post. :)


1. Enjoy Every Moment

2. This is Your Year to Sparkle

3. Be Good to Yourself

4. This is OUR Year

5. This is MY Year

6. Oh Happy Day

7. Find The Strength

8. Be Kind

9. Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes.

10. You Got This

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