Matching Family Pajamas: Our New Holiday Tradition

Ever since Maxwell was born, we started talking about creating fun family traditions for him. Earlier this fall, Bryan and I decided that each holiday season one of our family traditions would be wearing matching family pajamas. Now I'm not sure how long this will last once he becomes a teenager, but for the next 13+ years I think I'm safe. After that, I'm sure I will have to BEG him to wear his embarrassing matching family pajamas. LOL!

This family tradition is going to be so fun. Our dogs will be included on this and my hope is that each year when I give everyone their matching pajamas, we will also enjoy a holiday movie together as a family. This is not a sponsored post. So trust me when I say you've got some really great deals here!

I chose Target because the prices are great and they not only offer matching family pajamas but they have an array of family outfits that you can choose from. Like sibling outfits, matching family socks, mommy & me outfits, and family graphic t-shirts. I will be ordering our pajamas during Target's black friday sale. :)

1. Holiday Dr. Seuss The Grinch Family Pajama Pants Collection

2. Holiday Bear Family Pajamas Collection - Wondershop™

3. Holiday Disney Mickey Mouse Family Pajama Pants Collection

4. Holiday Animals Family Pajamas Collection - Wondershop™

5. Burt's Bees Striped Holiday Candy Cane Family Pajamas Collection

6. Plaid Holiday Family Pajamas Collection - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

7. Holiday Red Plaid Notch Collar Family Pajamas Collection - Wondershop™

8. Holiday Elf Family Pajamas Collection - Wondershop™

9. Holiday Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Family Union Suits Collection

10. Nite Nite Munki Munki Holiday Moose Notch Collar Family Pajamas Collection

You can view ALL of Target's matching family pajamas, here.

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