5 Must-Haves Every Living Room Needs

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Our "formal" living room is the only place left in our house that hasn't been completely taken over by baby toys and accessories. Truth be told, this makes me happy. LOL. It's the only place left that is kept (for the most part) in "clean" condition. That's because we spend most of our time in the great room (aka TV room). I love relaxing in our living room! Especially after a long day when I just need to relax and unwind with my kindle and a cup of tea. Even if most days, I end up putting down my Kindle and scrolling through my Instagram feed...Haha.

When we first moved into our new home last year, I was so happy to style this living room with furniture that I hand-picked from Joss & Main. I wanted to be sure that I styled the living room with everything it needs, no matter the season. I also wanted to create a space that was equally cozy and chic.

Below are 5 must-haves that every living room needs. I also put together a Joss & Main shopping guide blog post for all of these. You can view that blog post, here.

1. The Statement Rug

Joss and Main - Formal Living Room - Cassandra Ann - Budget Friendly Living Room - Joss & Main - Statement Rug

This is number one on the list for a reason! Nothing ties a room together like a beautiful statement rug. Seriously...I love this rug so much. Of course, a bright pink rug isn't everyone's cup of tea. Maybe soft neutrals or something a little more farmhouse-themed is more your style. Regardless of your style preference, make sure you style your rug to your taste and needs. Keep in mind things like functionality and foot-traffic when choosing a rug for your living room. High-traffic areas are better suited for multi-colored and patterned rugs. Another thing to keep in mind is ease of cleaning. My husband once bought a shaggy rug and it was impossible to vacuum or clean. However, a rug like this one with is easy to clean by hand or carpet cleaner! :) We loved this rug from Joss & Main so much so that we ordered a gray rug for our great room (tv room).

2. The Seating

Joss and Main - Formal Living Room - Cassandra Ann - The Seating

The great thing about living rooms is that you can get creative with seating arrangements. Make sure you arrange furniture to suit your needs. Style your seating the way you use your living room. If your living room is used for lounging and TV-watching, a sectional sofa offers flexible and comfortable seating. Since we use our living room for entertaining and reading, we decided to go with multiple seating options like our nailhead sofa set, accent chair, a really cute velvet loveseat, and two lightweight ottomans. This allowed us to create a sense of more openness with a collection of versatile seating options.

3. The Coffee Table

Joss and Main - Formal Living Room - Cassandra Ann - Coffee Table

Arranging your seating to face each other over a shared coffee table makes game nights more fun, conversation easy, and easily allows your drinks to be in easy reach. We wanted our living room to appear larger and this acrylic coffee table allows us to do just that. It's easy to clean and wipe down, too!

4. The Artwork

Joss and Main - Formal Living Room - Cassandra Ann - The Artwork

Wall art is the perfect solution for small or large spaces alike. You can give your living room a more finished and personalized look in minutes by adding wall decor and art. I loved this metal starburst wall decor, so I added it to the back wall of our living room. Eventually, I'd like to do a gallery wall with pictures of our entire family, including the pups!

5. The Accents

Decor accents are so important when it comes to furnishing a living room. Finding the right home accents and getting them into place can beautify every room. Add a completed look to your existing decor with a variety of accent pieces like flowers, mirrors, faux trees, and even a faux throw rug.

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