DIY Geometric + Ombre Jars

When we first moved into our home last year, my mom gave me sooo many good things (thanks, mom!). One of the fun things she gave me was a pair of clear jars. I wanted to do a fun diy project and help myself stay a bit more organized. And I can sadly say that my bathroom has been less than organized this year. Can I blame lack of sleep and having a newborn? No? I didn't think so. But life gets crazy sometimes and any way I can help keep myself organized, I'm all game. LOL.

I originally had unhealthy snacks in these bad boys, but I decided I wanted to use them for my morning routine. I also had these plain mini ceramic jars that weren't being used so I wanted to add these in my DIY project, too.

I wanted to add a *pop* to my bathroom decor while trying to keep myself a little more organized. So, I opted in for a fun geometric and ombre design. These DIYs were super easy! They took about 10 mins (minus the drying). I'd love to know what you think!

Do you have any tips on how you stay organized during your morning routine? I'm all ears! Comment below or message my on Instagram (@IamCassandraAnn).


How-to Ombre DIY

  1. Place the tape along the top of your jar/pot for a clean look + finish.

  2. Start with the lightest color paint and then go to the next darker shade.

  3. Blend the colors where they meet in the middle to create a mid-tone. To blend, stroke very gently and, if anything dries, alternate the brushes with the two colors.

  4. Let dry.

  5. Apply Mod Podge (2-3 Coats).

  6. Remove Painters Tape.

  7. Enjoy!

How-to Geometric

  1. Create geometric shapes using your painters tape. By ripping/cutting the painters tape in half horizontally, I was able to create smaller geometric shapes with my tape.

  2. Once you have all of our shapes outlined, start painting your jar!

  3. Remove the tape very slowly and carefully.

  4. Let dry.

  5. Apply Mod Podge (2-3 Coats)

  6. Enjoy!

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