Must-Have Baby Products That I Love

Maxwell is *officially* 4 months old today! đŸ˜± ❀ Time flies by when you're having fun! From Maxwell's point of view, he would probably say that his favorite time of the day is any time he is eating, playing on his gym piano, cuddling with mom + dad, and tummy time on his boppy. I have such an amazing baby boy and I'm so happy God chose him to be our baby! We've gone a little crazy with our purchases when it comes to bouncers, toys, teethers...well, just any baby products in general. We've tested + tried a TON of products but we have narrowed it down to Maxwell's top 10 favorite + must-have baby products.

Each product is linked in the title in blue and I’ve also linked everything at the bottom of this blog post. 

Scroll all the way down to see some adorable photos of Maxwell! ❀ 

1. Cloud Island Diaper Bag

Our first diaper bag was a backpack diaper bag. It was very gender neutral and Bryan picked it out. Sorry to hate on your choice, babe. LOL. BUT...a backpack type of diaper bag can be a bit more difficult to use (in my opinion) because everything gets stacked on top of each other, so you're constantly pulling stuff out to get to the goodies on the bottom. About two months ago, I got this Cloud Island diaper bag and I LOVE IT! It's super cute and functional for daily on-the-go use. I love that it comes with different pockets and spaces for each item, and I especially love the various straps included. I can swing it over my shoulder like a messenger bag, hold it in my hands, or even hook it onto the stroller. This diaper bag also comes with a changing pad that holds wipes and diapers, so it was a double win. 

2. Aden + Anais Swaddles

Oh. My. Gosh. These blankets and swaddles are the BEST. They're made out of muslin (super breathable) material so they are great for this crazy Arizona đŸ”„Â weather. Maxwell loves when we wrap him up in his swaddle during nap time on his swing. We've tried other blankets but I honestly get so nervous because they're so much thicker and less breathable. He really doesn't love them as much as he loves his Aden + Anais blankets + swaddles.

3. Dock-A-Tot

Maxwell is an amazing sleeper. Especially thanks to the wonderful Dock-A-Tot. One of the gals I follow on Instagram was raving about her Dock-A-Tot, so I DM'd her to get all the details. I wanted to see how long she had been using it and if it's helped her newborn son fall asleep better and STAY asleep. At the time, we were having issues with Maxwell waking himself up in his bassinet and we were trying to find something safe and comfortable for him that would help him sleep better through the night. After 2 days of using the Dock-A-Tot, Maxwell was sleeping through the night without waking himself up! IT WAS AMAZING. He loves his Dock-A-Tot. It's also really convenient when we travel or when he goes over to grandma and papa's house when we have date night. 

4. Graco Baby 4Ever All-in-One Car Seat

Maxwell is a big baby, literally. The car seat that comes with a standard stroller is a bit snug on him. Even after we remove the padding. LOL. That's why I'm so happy we decided on the Graco 4Ever All-in-One car seat. It's not only going to support him as a baby but as he grows, so will his car seat. It will adapt to his body for every stage of his growth and grow with him! Which it super exciting and convenient. I also love the cup holders that I'm currently putting his teething toys + binkies in. I highly recommend this car seat!

5. MAM Anti-Colic Bottles

Maxwell has really bad GERD (reflux). He also has a very sensitive tummy, these MAM bottles work great for him. They have unique nipples that are shaped like a mother's nursing nipple in the babies mouth (if that makes sense). I think these bottles really helped Maxwell with breastfeeding because of their shape. I love these bottles and I want to give a big shout-out to my mom, who originally got us these bottles (and has continued to surprise us with bigger bottles, as he's grown and drinks a ton). Thanks, mom!! 

6. Bandana Bibs

If you have a baby, bibs are a must-have. Pretty obvious right? But what you really need to consider when picking out bibs for your baby (or for a baby shower) is a bib that's not going to leak through and soak your baby's outfit when he burps up milk or drools. I love these bandana bibs, they're lightweight but also prevent Maxwell's outfit (and ours) from getting dirty/soaked. 

7. Teethe & Take Forest Pal Toys

Babies love to stick everything in their mouths. If you're looking for a fun and safe product for your baby to teeth on, I recommend these. I also hang them on his gym piano because they're fun to look at and he loves to reach for them. 

8. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

Guys...this is the best $28 I've ever spent. You can find this on Amazon, Target, Walmart...etc...pretty much anywhere. A friend of mine, recommended this piano because her baby girl (who's about a month older than Maxwell) loves it. I have to say, when I saw this on sale at Target a week after my friend told me about it, I HAD TO GET IT. I’m so glad I did because he loves it. It's even part of Maxwell's morning routine after his first bottle in the morning. He gets so excited to play and tap away with his little feet after his first feeding.

9. Graco Multi-Direction Baby Swing

Maxwell enjoys this swing whether he’s just “hanging out” while I clean/cook or when he’s super tired/fussy and wants to take a nap. I like that this swing is a multi-directional swing. Because of Maxwell’s reflux, he enjoys the side to side setting. This swing has saved us during a few cranky afternoons. LOL. 

10. Cloud Island Pajamas

I think Maxwell enjoys the convenience of these pajamas as much as I do! His nails grow so fast, and he is always scratching his face. His hands are so big that traditional baby mittens for his age don’t fit him. Luckily, these pajamas have sleeves that convert to mittens by folding over a flap. I also like the position of the zipper which makes it super easy + convenient for diaper changes!

Cloud Island Diaper Bag | Dock-A-Tot | C/O Aden + Anais Swaddles + Blankets | C/O Graco Baby 4Ever All-in-One Car Seat | GracoŸ DuetConnectŸ LX with Multi-Direction Baby Swing | Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym | MAM Anti-Colic Bottles | Bandana Bibs | Teethe & Take Forest Pal Toys | Cloud Island Pajamas (with gloves)

Cloud Island Diaper Bag | Dock-A-Tot | Aden + Anais Swaddles + Blankets | Graco Baby 4Ever All-in-One Car Seat | GracoŸ DuetConnectŸ LX with Multi-Direction Baby Swing | Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym | MAM Anti-Colic Bottles | Bandana Bibs | Teethe & Take Forest Pal Toys |