Our Hidden Doggy Door

The kitchen is one of my favorite spots in the entire house and it's also one of our dogs favorite spots, too. Why? Because their doggy door is hidden in the cabinets!

I'm so glad we put their doggy door here. Not only is it convenient but it's hidden behind our island, so even if the door is open you can't see it unless you walk around our island (which is 11 ft long). I was so nervous about placing it in our cabinets, but it's really the only spot that kept it hidden from our main sight-line and didn't require rewiring any cables or outlets.

I'm excited to finally share this all with you. Next month, I'll share with you the gated doggy area that this leads to. :) Stay tuned!

Total Project Cost: $220

We hired a referred pet door installer and the cost was relatively low! I wish I would have known that I could have purchased my dog door from them but I'm still happy with the dog door we got from Amazon.

PS - We just installed our knobs in the kitchen and I LOVE THEM!!! What do you think?

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