Spread Kindness with #LovePup (Free Phone Backgrounds)

LovePup Dog Foundation Phone Backgrounds - Phone Wallpapers

As you know, my blog is known for putting out seasonal phone wallpapers + backgrounds. Last year, I was featured on BuzzFeed's homepage for my inspirational phone backgrounds featuring cute animals and fun quotes. But this year during the month of love + kindness, I wanted to share these adorable pup-themed backgrounds that support a good cause. Whether you're looking to spread kindness to a pet in need, you're an avid dog lover, or you just want a fun February-themed wallpaper on your phone -- this blog post is a must read!

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Doing The Right Thing

My favorite radio host, Johnjay Van Es, on 104.7 Kiss FM, used to talk about all of the stray dogs that he would save while driving around town or that he just happened to run into. He would rescue these dogs and try to find their owner and/or make sure they went to a good home. He never bragged or boasted about his do-gooding but would simply say #LovePup and encouraged his listeners + followers to do the same. Right around the time of hearing this, I was telling my husband about Johnjay's rescues and how my mom and I used to do this all the time. Growing up, my mom emphasized the importance of saving and caring for animals + people that could not care for themselves. During this conversation with my husband, I mentioned to him that I felt you could truly tell how good someone was by their ability to emphasize and rescue a dog that was a stranger to them. I used to be shocked at the amount of cars that would continue to drive or ignore these stray dogs, while I attempted to rescue them. I guess some people would find this type of thing a burden but to people like Johnjay and my mom, they simply have that special *something* in their heart to save and rescue these dogs. Johnjay went from occasionally rescuing strays on the side of the road, sheltering these animals in his own home, to creating the amazing #LovePup dog rescue foundation.

A Family Affair

Johnjay isn't the only one in his family making strides to save these pups. His wife, Blake, whom I'm sure I would be BFFs with IRL (if we ever met) also dedicates her time to these dogs in need. In fact, if you take a look at his Instagram you'll see that Johnjay and Blake have transformed their home into a full-on dog rescue center. The wonderful thing about Johnjay, his wife, and 3 kids, is that they don't just care for healthy strays, they also take in sick or injured dogs and ensure they get the immediate medical attention they need. Crazy, right? In fact, all of these dogs have been socialized with other dogs and even play with his kids on a daily basis. Before even being places with their forever family, each dog is evaluated by a vet, has up to date shots, and is altered. WOW!

#LovePup Foundation

The amazing thing about the #LovePup dog rescue foundation, is that their mission is simple...They believe that all dogs deserve the best possible home. Their adoption process has been proven to be successful and effective time and time again.

Spread Kindness & Donate to #LovePup

You can help spread kindness to a pup in need by purchasing a #LovePup t-shirt or by donating directly to the #LovePup foundation, here.

Free #LovePup Phone Backgrounds

LovePup Dog Foundation Phone Backgrounds - Phone Wallpapers

LovePup Dog Foundation Phone Backgrounds - Phone Wallpapers

LovePup Dog Foundation Phone Backgrounds - Phone Wallpapers

LovePup Dog Foundation Phone Backgrounds - Phone Wallpapers