Easy Holiday Cleaning with Hoover + Free Cleaning Checklist

Home is where the heart is, especially during the busy holiday season. We have family, friends, and neighbors visiting frequently in a busy household that I'm constantly trying to keep clean. Being a dog mom to multiple messy pups and a mom-to-be, I'm definitely looking for the easiest + quickest way to clean my home.

I am happy to welcome you into even the messiest spots of my home in this blog post. There couldn’t be a better opportunity to partner with Hoover on the launch of their new Hoover REACT Cordless Vacuum during this busy holiday season. I'm even more excited about this vacuum because I've never had the pleasure of owning a cordless appliance. My husband knows how much I despise cords. In fact, I've been known to avoid rolling-up cords lately, using my pregnancy as an excuse. LOL. Don't. Judge. Me.

I wanted to break down the pros of this amazing vacuum and why I love it so much. You know you're an adult when new cleaning products make you happy...and this vacuum does just that! I only partner with brands and products that I truly believe in and although this is a sponsored post, I wanted to share with you the honest reasons I LOVE my new Hoover REACT Cordless Vacuum.

Scroll on to view my sponsored blog post with Hoover + download my holiday cleaning checklist. ENJOY!

Dog Hair DO Care

This vacuum is great for pet parents. My pups are my children and they get into everything! My dogs shed and I can't stand seeing pet hair on my couch, furniture, and floor...🙋 who's with me on this? I love this vacuum because it was literally made + designed to capture dust, dirt, and pet hair. Plus, the attachments are super easy to interchange...which for an 8 month pregnant woman, I would say this is a must!

Whole Home Cleaning

We use this vacuum for everything! It's easy to use for hard-to-reach places like the top of our china cabinet and under our furniture that collects pet hair + dust. In the photos above you can see our navy blue velvet love seat that our dogs love to lay on. In the past, I've tried to lint roll the dog hair + dust off but it never quite cleaned the love seat. But as you can see in the photos, this vacuum has the attachments to clean it with ease!

Although this vacuum tackles the hard-to-reach + clean places of our home, I mostly find myself using it on everyday messes. Like around our kitchen island (goodbye crumbs!), and around the entry doors of our home where the dogs and visitors track in dirt.

Smart Technology + Battery Life

I've never had a cleaning appliance that was this tech savvy. The first cool feature this vacuum has is that it's embedded with FloorSense™ Technology. Which is a fancy way of saying that it can instinctively + automatically detect the type of floor you are cleaning, whether it's tile, carpet, etc...It's awesome!

Another amazing feature is the long-lasting battery life. When we first unboxed the vacuum it said we needed to charge the battery before our first use. I thought this would take a long time but it didn't! It charged super quick and the battery life is AMAZING!

Tech Bonus: I can now clean my home and customize my cleaning experience because the Hoover® REACT™ Cordless line is compatible with the Hoover Home App.

Bottom Line...You'll Love This Vacuum!

I can assure you, even my husband, the known vacuum-er of the family, was quite surprised by its efficiency. The Hoover REACT Cordless Vacuum does a heck of a job in a very short time.

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Download My Free Cleaning Checklist

You can view my cleaning checklist below or download the cleaning checklist, here.

I was provided with product in return for my honest review and statements. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way.

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