Easy Southwest Salad with Spicy Ranch

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A few weeks ago I posted an Instagram Story with my favorite salad that I meal prep a couple of times each week. I received a few questions about the spicy dressing and ingredients so I thought I share it with you all on my blog, too!

Any meal that's easy, fast, and delicious is right up my alley. If you want the chicken + veggie meal prep recipe that we bake every Sunday, let me know. It's really good...and I swear the chicken is so dang tender!

My parents usually make homemade ranch dressing for their salads and it's delicious. My mom was visiting one afternoon and decided to use my Hamilton Beach Blender to create a spicier version and Bryan and I have been making it ever since! It's sooooo good. I usually drizzle my dressing under the main ingredients so that it's easier to mix. This recipe is easy to make in big batches or even small ones.

The dressing is also great for dipping your veggies (raw or cooked) in as a mid-day snack!


Serves 1-2

Bowl Ingredients:

  • Romaine lettuce

  • 1 Chopped chicken breast with taco seasoning

  • 1 cup of grilled / sautéed corn

  • Cheese (preferred / assorted)

  • Tortilla strips / chips

  • Bonus Ingredient: Avocado

Spicy Ranch Dressing Ingredients:

  • Lite ranch dressing packet (follow instructions on back)

  • Put dressing in blender

  • Blend in fresh jalapeno peppers into blender (I use two)

  • Add + blend fresh cilantro

I told you it was super easy! Okay, your turn. Share your easy meal recipes below so we can all inspire each other to have unique + tasty meals every week!

PS - Can we talk about how great these plate settings look?! Believe it or not Bryan picked them out from our favorite TJMAXX Homegoods Store. I was hesitant when he was picking them out in the store, but everything looks really great once it's all together.

We also just got these swivel bar stools in a couple of weeks ago from Joss & Main, they are so comfortable and I'm loving the swivel feature they have....It's the little things that make me happy! LOL

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