Life Lately: 27 Weeks Pregnant + My Favorite Maternity Outfit

I feel like my pregnancy has been flying by like crazy. Can you believe I'm already 27 weeks pregnant?! It's crazy!

Read below and see what my favorite maternity outfit looks like...I literally wear this outfit multiple times a week. Don't judge's really cute! I wanted to share with you my life lately at 27 weeks pregnant. Read on for even more random updates with my pregnancy. 🤰🏻💕

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Baby's Size 🤰🏻

27 Weeks - As Big As Lettuce

I'm Feeling 💕

I'm feeling great! I did feel surprisingly nauseous on Friday when I was about to eat a tasty burger. But so far, I've had no more bouts of nausea. I have noticed that when I watch a movie, I'm WAY more emotional than usual. Which is saying something, because I'm an easy crier during movies. LOL 😂

Food Love ❤

I'm still obsessing over lemons (I just can't get enough!!). But I'm also loving the healthy meal prep my husband has made us over the past couple of weeks. Our meal-prep consists of spicy-seasoned chicken (baked), steamed veggies, and red potatoes. YUM! I'm also enjoying my watered down hot cocoa (weird, I know) and my decaffeinated green tea...with lemons, of course.

Food Dislikes 🤢

I'm so over the queso chips and hot sauce concoction that my husband continues to make. BLEH. This is a typical snack he's made hundreds of times but the smell is so overwhelming lately. YUCK.

Currently Living In 👖

My go-to cute maternity outfit consists of my favorite Target maternity jeans by Ingrid & Isabel and this loose + flowy lace up peasant top by Knox Rose (non-maternity!!). Booties, sneakers and flats are about the only thing that fit my swollen feet right now 😂😂😂

Looking Forward To 🎄

Colder weather and the holidays! I'm actually going to start decorating my house in all of my Christmas decor this week. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I want to be sure that our house is feeling festive and...well frankly, I don't care if you're judging me! 🎄🎄🎄🎄 LOL

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