Boho-Inspired Guest Room Makeover + Decorating Tips

Leather Pouf | Bookshelf | Marble Side Table | Gold Table Lamp | Origami Console | Brown + Black Marble Lamp

The guest room in our home has always felt a bit unfinished. It's really the last space of our home that I haven’t completely finished until now. Our whole house seems to fit our style and preferred decor taste except this one room. So Industry West and I teamed up to create the perfect space. I'm so happy with how this turned out!

This design is a bit more fun with a bohemian aesthetic that ties in nicely with our other rooms but truth be told...this room has a personality of it’s own!

I wanted to create a space that would make guests (mainly our siblings) feel welcome and relaxed. I started by adding a fun reading nook / corner with a comfortable leather pouf. There were honestly so many different ways I could have set this space up but I felt like it really had the most impact by being surrounded by a stylish bookshelf and a cute wall rack for easy-to-grab book access. I love that I was able to style multiple elements in this space. It makes the room look less staged and feel more comfortable and inviting.

I know the bedding I chose is a bit girly but it's actually reversible with a solid blue on the opposite side. Which will make it more inviting with my brother stays with us (HEY CORE!). The colorful duvet cover could be almost too much on it's own, but when I paired it was similar colors + patterned blue pillows, it’s the perfect amount of eclectic and boho.

5 Guest Room Decorating Tips:

1. Comfort: Make sure your guests are comfortable when they stay with you. I made sure our new bed was topped with a comfy foam mattress and feather-down pillows. If you're looking for something smaller than the leather pouf but just as comfy, check out their new Sunday Lounge Chair.

2. Lighting: I don't know about you, but I'm scared of the dark (LOL). So I decided to add a functional + cute gold table lamp light on the marble side table that I use as a nightstand. I actually decided to move the larger table lamp to my bedroom. :)

3. Tech: I know our guests love to have their phones charged. That's why I placed a charger box (sold out) that makes all of the messy chords disappear. It's also great for wireless charging!

4. TV + Entertainment: Most of our guests enjoy some alone time by catching up with their favorite shows. I added this stylish origami console near the foot of the bed. I love the hidden storage features in this console!

5. Belongings: Make sure you leave space for your guests to put their things so they don’t feel like they have to live out of a suit case. I turned this night stand into a drop station for shoes, purses, etc...If you really want to go above and beyond, you can put a tray on their bed full of goodies.

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