5 Ways to Clean Your Space in 10 Minutes

Being a dog mom and wife who often finds her husband's socks randomly placed throughout the house — I would to say my home is clean 60% of the time and a complete dog-haired, chew toy, random sock mess the other 40%. I'm constantly comparing my home to my friend's and family's when I visit them. Does this happen to you? Like, have you ever noticed that when you go into someone else's home you either feel super confident about your own homes cleanliness or super self-conscious? Me too! If you go to my parents house you'll notice spotless baseboards and a well-dusted fireplace. If you visit my friend Gabby's home you'll notice a home with spotless bathrooms and shimmering faucets. Sometimes it can be hard to keep your daily chores, social calendar, personal life and work-load in one tidy cohesive balance.

After living on my own for many years now I can finally say that in 2017 I've finally figured out how to keep my space clean with just 10 minutes or less a day of 5 semi-fun habits.

1. Divide The Chore List

You have no idea how much easier life gets once you have someone else to give a few of the chores to. LOL. For me, my first roommate was my husband. When we got engaged I moved to San Diego and lived in my first 900 sq. ft. apartment. It wasn't easy to "adult" at first, but it definitely got easier the older I got. Bryan and I divide most of the chores in our house. For example, I much rather vacuum and mop than do laundry. As for the dishes, we take turns on cleaning the kitchen. My advice to you would be to create a chore list and be willing to compromise. Now, for those of you who live alone...you'll have to do the entire chore list yourself. On the bright side, you probably have less of a mess than those of us with spouses or kids because you don't have to clean up anyone else's mess either. Ugh...lucky.

2. Focus on The Main Spaces

Even if you can't get to everything. You'll want to keep the main spaces you hang-out in, tidy and neat. For us, that's our main living room, kitchen and bedroom. As you may already know, most people feel happier and more focused when their home is cleaned. I know when my house is clean, I feel a sense of relief and motivation to tackle the day. Especially since I work from home.

3. Shrink Your Laundry Basket

We are horrible at keeping up with the laundry — but we are getting better. We noticed that using smaller laundry baskets helps us keep up with our laundry. Instead of waiting two weeks and doing laundry for 3 hours on a Saturday, we now do it every time our small basket is full. (via Studio DIY)

4. Pick up After Yourself

Sounds simple, right? Imagine how many times you've left an empty cup (guilty), cereal box or piece of trash somewhere around the house? We're all guilty of it. If you don't have a Type A personality than this is totally you. Try keeping up with everything you do and putting it away or in it's rightful place after you use something.

5. Add Some Greenery

By adding a little of the outdoors to your home, it will feel more welcoming, breathable and organized. I never knew I'd have so many house plants but i love them. A couple of succulents on my desk, fresh peonies in my kitchen and a faux planter in my living room keeps my space feeling fresh.

BONUS for Pet Parents: Grooming

If you have shedding pets you know just how much you value the vacuum, a good brush and your favorite groomer. We were having a problem with our German Shepard shedding (even during the winter) so much that we decided to seek professional help. We enlisted the help of our fave groomer who usually gives our Morkie's haircuts and we found out that if we regularly groom our GS, he will shed less. So, his first appointment is next week and I can't wait to see the results. I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes!

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