A Day With The Dogs: Park Adventures

I absolutely love going to the park with my fur kids! It's so fun and they really do look forward to this adventure each week. Luckily, my husband and I found a really nice and HUGE park nearby. We usually walk them around this park once and then let them freely play off the leash. SHH...don't tell anyone. LOL.

This was the first time we actually trusted our youngest dogs to be off the leash that wasn't in a closed-in area. If you know me, my dogs are my kids and it made me super nervous to let them go and wander freely. But to my surprise they did great!

Check out the adventures my smallest and biggest pups had last week at the park. PS -- the youngest dog, Chloe (featured in the image above) does NOT like to walk too far and prefers to watch her siblings play and run around. She's so funny!

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