DIY Geometric Clock

My husband and I are oddly obsessed with clocks. When we move into our new home, we actually plan on putting a clock that's taller than me in the entryway. I was looking for a new project to DIY that would complete my Sauder Boutique Bookshelf that now graces the presence of my living room. I stumbled upon the perfect DIY Clock Kit from Target and was very pleased with the results!

Materials and Tools:


  • Use tape to create design and shapes

  • Use sponge brush to evenly coat the clock

  • Ensure you stay within the designated space for each shape

  • Once your done painting you will want to remove the tape immediately

  • Slowly peel off any/all tape and you will have a clean design

  • Ta-da! I told you this DIY was easy! may at times use affiliate links to promote products sold by others, but always offers genuine editorial recommendations.

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