8 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive On a Budget

Your dorm-room, apartment, rental house or newly purchased home can look super expensive without actually breaking the bank. Thanks to my moms thrifty shopping habits, I'm a gal who likes to have a chic home without breaking the bank. I've found some pretty helpful tips that help keep my current space looking more expensive than it actually is. Scroll on for 8 magical ways to make your home look more expensive than it actually is.

1. Throw Pillows

An inexpensive way to make your home feel and look more expensive is by adding cute and bright throw pillows to your seating options. Check out my latest throw pillows from Target's Threshold Modern Global Collection that would match perfectly with a modern metal or wood bar cart. (via Target Modern Global Collection)

2. Window Treatments

O.M.G. I did not realize how much you could change a room by adding window treatments to all of your windows. Most recently, I added navy blue + white chevron window treatments to my front living room windows. How did I ever live without these chic curtains and fun bronze crystal rod?! I must say though, I'm obsessing over Inspired by Charm's living room and her window treatment. (via Inspired by Charm)

3. Stylish Rug

I've seen the double-rug layered trend all over Pinterest and I'm so excited to try the same styled look in my new home this year. I'm totally a #Maxxinista so I will probably be checking my favorite Home Goods store for an inexpensive decor version. (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Greenery

Adding colorful fresh flowers or even really realistic faux ones — can really take your home decor to the next level. Hello, adulting! What do you think of my favorite faux plant from Target above?! (via Target)

5. Canvas & Art Prints

I'm obsessed with wall art galleries and I hope this trend is here to stay. They're super easy to create and you can choose to buy or DIY you wall art. Don't break the bank by buying expensive canvas prints and wall art pieces. You can DIY or print similar inspirations from Pinterest and Etsy. The styled inspo above is from Target and the prices aren't all that bad either. (via Target)

6. DIY: House Decor Projects

DIY projects can be super fun and very inexpensive. The best part about them is that you get to tailor them to your preferred decor style and taste. Given that I'm from Arizona, I'm currently obsessing over this Marquee Cactus Sign above. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Mirrors

Mirrors not only brighten up your space but they also make it look super chic, too! I got this same exact mirror in the photo above on the clearance shelf at Target for only $15!!! It was originally $59 so I'm super proud of this fun find. (via Target)

8. Bar Carts

Almost everyone I know has some sort of beverage cart in their home. They used to be super expensive to make and put together but now you can easily create a fun

and expensive looking bar cart for less than $50! The bar cart above is actually the conductor credenza from Sauder's Boutique Collection. I'm obsessed!! It has removable marble and copper trays. It's seriously the favorite piece in my entire living room!

How do you decorate your home to make it look more expensive than it actually is? Would love to hear your tips, tricks and experience.

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