DIY Valentines Day Cards & Party Invites

I can't believe it's 2017 — this means all of the Christmas and NYE decor has left the shelves (or reduced to 60% OFF) and Valentine's Day decor and apparel have flooded our stores. I couldn't believe that my local grocery store is already selling Valentine's Day candy.

This year, I'm releasing my DIYs a month early so you all have time to enjoy them a month early. The first series of my Valentine's DIY are fun and personalized Valentine's Day party invites and cards. This entire set cost only $8 to make. I'd love to see or hear about your own favorite Valentine's Day DIYs.


DIY Valentine's Day Clutch

DIY Valentine's Day Inspired Bar Cart

Supplies Needed:

I got all of my supplies from the $1 and $3 section from Target. You know which one I'm talking about, it's right by the front door and even if you're just going in for some shampoo you always find yourself rummaging through the seasonal goodies this section has to offer.

  • Stamps

  • Stamp Pads

  • Love Sign

  • Paint

  • Cards / Envelopes

Friendly How-to & Tips:

  • Visit your local craft store or Target

  • Make sure you purchase thicker envelopes so that you can paint and stamp your little heart out!

  • Add personalized touches and messages to each of your invites / cards to make them unique

  • Some background designs may need to dry over night before writing your message / design on them

Envelope & Card Text Ideas:

  • Love Is In The Air

  • OH YEAH!

  • #Love

  • Sending You Love ❤️

  • Shut Up & Kiss Me

  • I Could Watch Netflix With You Forever

  • Bee Mine 🐝

  • You're a Gem 💎

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