How to Make Money & Get Free Products As a Blogger

If you’ve just started blogging or you’ve already started but need some guidance on how to make money and get free products as a blogger, this guide is a great tool for you! You’ll learn how to increase your chances to make money while blogging and how to get free stuff from brands. Just follow and take into consideration these 7 Easy tips to get you started.

1. Email Subscriber List

Growing your email subscriber list should be a top priority for all bloggers. Make sure you have a Call-to-Action (CTA) on your blog that allows your readers to sign-up to receive updates and personalized messages directly from you. I personally use a pop-up and include a small CTA box on my homepage.

2. Fresh Content

Make sure you can dedicate at least 5-10 hours a week to work on updating your blog with new content and blog posts. If you're a FT blogger, you'll need to dedicate anywhere from 40-50 hours a week. This includes photoshoots, content creation and social media posting. A great way to stay inspired is to stay up-to-date with your favorite blogger’s and browse Pinterest. (As if you don’t already do that!)

3. Easy Navigation

Your blog should be easy to navigate on any device. So make sure your blog is optimized for both desktop and mobile use. Ultimately, you’ll also want to ensure your website is easy to navigate and explore for visitors who aren't familiar with your blog. Unsure of what this looks like? Take a look at your fave blogger’s site, most have a similar layout and structure.

4. Collaborate with Influencers & Brands

Believe it or not, once you start to follow these steps, brands and influencers alike will start to reach out to you for collaboration and sponsorship opportunities. This is where you can start to increase your traffic and earnings for your blog. If you’ve been at this game for awhile and still haven’t had any luck with brands or influencer's contacting you, try reaching out to them instead. This can be hard for new blogger’s with little following, but don’t give up. You may reach out to 20 brands before finally hearing back or even getting a, "Yes." — We've all been there.

5. Branding & Media Kit

Regardless if you have 50 subscribers or 500,000 — you need a media kit and branded image. If you’re unsure what a media kit looks like, I can send you mine. As for having a branded image, you’ll want to keep the colors and style of your blog consistent. I also like to keep most of my materials (images/white-pages) consistent with my brand image.



  • Host a giveaway to entice your visitors to subscribe to your blog and/or follow you on social media.


  • Write a product review on one or multiple products that are currently trending. Share your thoughts with the brand and your readers.


  • This is a fun way to share your favorite brands and products with your readers. Make sure you’re honest about promoting the products you love.

6. Linking & Stats

You’ll never be aware of how much your blog is growing and improving unless you are tracking your blog stats and links. is a great way to shorten URL’s and track your clicks. As for monitoring your blog traffic, make sure you have set-up Google Analytics with your blog. I use the app to monitor my daily traffic.

7. Social Media & Apps

You need to be present on all social media platforms as a blogger. Most blogger’s use their personal account to share behind-the-scene looks and promote blog posts. Heck, most of us share our boring day-to-day activities too. Most successful platforms include Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

Which technique do you find most helpful? Comment below & join the conversation!

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