10 Ways to Show Gratitude Right Now

While November can often send me into a panic because holiday celebrations are literally just days away, sometimes I need to remember to check myself. More importantly, I need to remember to show kindness to those around me. In the past, I actually used to buy a bouquet of red roses and pass them out to strangers like my mail man, a Starbucks barista, etc...We all have people in our lives (or even strangers) that deserve our gratitude every once in a while. So I took the liberty in rounding up 10 ways to show gratitude this holiday season and I hope you'll join me. My goal is to do each one of these items on the list before New Years.

1. Send or deliver 'just because' flowers to a friend

Nothing is better than surprise 'just because' flowers. Send your BFF or parter in crime a beautiful delivery of gorgeous flowers. This will totally make her day and remind her why you are such an amazing BFF.

2. Write a personalized thank-you letter or email

Writing a personalized thank you letter or email can really go a long way. This personalized fortitude of gratitude will show your friends, family or coworkers how much they really mean to you.

3. Make tasty homemade goodies for a friend

Tasty treats make everything better — especially when they're homemade goodies. So whip up a batch of your favorite sweet snacks and give them to your closest friends. (via Land of Nod)

4. Surprise a coworker with coffee & breakfast

Have you ever had a coworker bring you coffee or breakfast just because they wanted you to start your day off right? No? Well you are surely missing out. I've had this happen before when I use to work for Geek Squad, it was the best feeling and also started my day on a position note. (via We Heart It)

5. Call a loved one just to say you miss them

Sometimes our lives can get away from us and we don't always get to talk to our favorite aunt (Hi Aunt KT!!) or our favorite grandmother. Why not, call (or text) them just to tell them you're thinking of them and miss them dearly.

6. Pay for the person behind you in line

I first experienced this while I was in line behind someone at Starbucks in the drive-thru. The fact that some random stranger paid for my Venti PSL was so uplifting and made me smile so big that I paid it forward and also paid for the vehicle behind me as well.

7. Volunteer in your community

I'm big on volunteering...probably because I've volunteered my entire life for various organizations and venues. A great way to get involved in your community is to volunteer at a local animal shelter. You can help the animals by taking them for a walk or even bathing and brushing them.

8. Bring in your neighbors trashcan

I would have never thought of this if it wasn't for my neighbor, a retired USMC veteran. He is always bringing in his neighbors trashcans and has even gone as far as trimming their trees and sweeping up the rocks.

9. Surprise your spouse with a note in their car

Since my husband often leaves for work before I get up, I sometimes like to leave him random love notes either in the car or on his lunch bag. This small gesture could go a long way in both new and long-term relationships.

10. Buy a bouquet & pass out flowers to strangers

I saved the best for last! I actually did this while I was in college. I bought a beautiful bouquet of red roses and passed them out to strangers as I went about my day. It was really fun and the surprised look/smile on their faces made me so glad I could impact someone's day in such a position way.

What kind gesture would you do right now? Comment below and let me know.

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